Fly Fish Cherokee, L.L.C

Each Guided Tour includes:


  • One Pair of Waders 
  • One Pair of Boots
  • Rod & Reel 
  • Flies


  • We will travel in my vehicle to locations
  • Lunch (usually Sandwich, Chips, Drink, and Donuts) provided on Full-Days

If you want to bring your own gear you can, just know that any loss or damage is your responsibility.  You may want to bring some dry clothes, we may get wet.

About Michael

Fly Fish Cherokee was formed by Cherokee, NC native and top-ranked competitive fly fisherman Michael Bradley with the intent of giving avid and new fishermen the opportunity to have the best experiences on the local waters.

Michael has won numerous fly-fishing events around the East Coast and has held a spot in top-10 USA Fly-Fishing Team Organization for the past few seasons.  He also serves as a Pro-Staff Angler for Syndicate Fly Fishing. 


A Message from Michael

Come fly fish the beautiful SMoky Mountain Waters today! 

Never been in the river? Don't worry! Fly Fish Cherokee, LLC works with new fishermen, experienced fishermen, and clients of all ages. I've taken families on full trips to learn the basics, as well as shared some of my personal favorite spots to the pros. Let me help you prepare to enjoy an adventure like none other in our beautiful mountain waters.


We're outfitted to help you make a splash.

I like to practice catch-and-release, to preserve the quality of fish in the streams and promote growth opportunities, so please don't plan on keeping the trout we catch.